WWE Trying To Poach Contracted AEW Talent?

Is WWE ramping up its efforts to hire new wrestlers by trying to poach AEW stars?

Triple H AEW

Ever since Triple H took over WWE's talent relations department, we've seen the company go on a rehiring blitz, bringing back several wrestlers who were released during the past year. But it looks like their efforts to bring in new talent might have gone a bit further.

Fightful Select reports that WWE reached out to a currently contracted AEW talent about coming to World Wrestling Entertainment. The "notable AEW talent" is known to be under a full-time deal and reported the contact from WWE to AEW management, according to the report. The performer apparently told management that they had no desire to leave AEW.

According to Fightful, it was a member of WWE's talent relations department who reached out. The talent referred the call to their representation instead of communicating directly with WWE.


Although it was a source who broke the news to Fightful, the site was able to confirm with the performer themselves, who wishes to remain anonymous. However, they did not provide additional detail beyond verifying the claim.

This is quite an unusual story. If entirely true, it could present legal questions about whether one company could approach the contracted talent of a rival and try to poach them, even if it's a seemingly innocuous conversation. It also could be considered fairly aggressive from WWE, which has brought back Karrion Kross & Scarlett, Hit Row, Dakota Kai and Dexter Lumis in recent weeks.


Fightful has reached out to WWE but has not received a response.

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