WWE UK Championship: 10 Things We Want To See

So much potential but can WWE really get it right?

Despite the fact that the United Kingdom has long been one of the most lucrative foreign markets for WWE, the company has never really catered to its dedicated UK fan base, gearing its product much more towards North American audiences.

This, in conjunction with the rise of social media and YouTube, may help to explain why British wrestling has undergone a resurgence as of late, as it is now much easier for smaller UK promotions to attract a dedicated fan base by providing an alternative to the American-centric 'WWE Style'.

This all seems about to change with the announcement of the WWE UK Championship. Many fans are worried about the WWE's underlying motives for this, and how they intend to interact with UK promotions. Others worry about it in a more creative sense. The Cruiserweight Classic in 2016 showed us that WWE can fail to build on prior successes, and many worry that, as with most of their mistakes, the WWE haven't learnt from the purple brand's rocky transition to Monday nights.

We don't know all the details yet, and they likely won't be revealed until the tournament is close to starting, but here are a few things that the WWE should strongly consider doing once their new title is set loose upon the wrestling world.


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