WWE UK Rights Heading To BT Sport

Sky Sports 30 partnership set to end.


According to The Telegraph, BT Sport is expected to announce they have reached a deal with WWE to begin airing its product, bringing an end to Sky Sports three-decade long stronghold on the product.

The announcement continues a dramatic few days which has seen the landscape of UK television wrestling completely uppended, coming after AEW confirmed a partnership with ITV, the country's biggest broadcaster.

There are no details on BT's apparent deal with WWE at present, but it's understood they will assume the rights when Sky's contract ends this year. BSkyB, the station's holding corporation, announced a fresh deal with the global wrestling outfit back in 2014, bringing their association to a 30th year.


BT Sport have declined to comment on the deal at this stage. The paid-for channel reached record highs this year, when over 2 million viewers tuned in to see Liverpool overturn a 3-0 deficit against Barcelona as part of their Champions League package.

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Editorial Team

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