WWE Under Pressure To Sever Ties With Saudi Arabia After Murder Allegations?

Could the Jamal Khashoggi case jeopardise WWE's Saudi Arabian business?

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WWE's continued business in Saudi Arabia remains a hot-button topic in professional wrestling, particularly with Crown Jewel (2 November) right around the corner, and PWTorch.com's Wade Keller has this week highlighted a damning new Washington Post article on current USA/Saudi relations.

In it, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy states his belief that if the recent disappearance of journalist Jamal Khasshoggi shortly after visiting the Saudi consulate in Turkey is found to be murder, it should mean "a fundamental break in [the USA's] relationship with Saudi Arabia.”

The situation puts WWE in a tricky position. Vince McMahon and co. stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars from their Saudi deal, but the political situation is now major, global news. As it escalates, WWE could potentially be forced to sever ties with the country, and Murphy's words are particularly pertinent to their business as he represents the state in which WWE HQ is based.

Khashoggi hasn't been seen or heard from since entering the consulate last week. Turkish authorities claim they believe he was killed in the building, but Saudi officials have denied this, and the case remains shrouded in mystery.

For more on the Khashoggi case, here's WhatCulture's Benjamin Richardson: 'Why WWE Crown Jewel Is Already A Disaster'.

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