WWE Undertaker Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Original Deadman Years?

Can you bury your fears and overcome The Deadman's quiz?

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Throughout his tenure in WWE, The Undertaker has evolved countless times. With each reinvention, he would shed a little of his previous persona while adding something new - all while maintaining the most recognizable aspects of his identity. As a result, he always managed to change with the times and ultimately remain relevant throughout his three decade-long career.

In a way, this all started back in mid-1994 when he experienced his very first rebirth. Following on from a hiatus he took after Yokozuna (and nine other men) placed him inside a casket at the Royal Rumble, 'The Phenom' made a triumphant return in the summer of that year - where he laid Ted DiBiase's 'Underfaker' to rest once and for all. However, it wasn't the match that got people talking, it was his new look.

While he was clad in his usual black hat and trench coat, there was no longer any grey featured in his attire and, instead, he sported a purple tie, gloves and boots. In addition to this, his hair was much longer and had been dyed black, which contrasted beautifully with his ghostly pale face.

Reinvigorated, The Undertaker would embark on an even more dominant reign of terror for over two years as he introduced the world to 'The Deadman'. But just how well do you remember 'The Phenom's second chapter? Test your knowledge and find out...

1. At Which 1994 Event Did The Undertaker Debut His New Persona?


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