WWE United Kingdom Championship: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

Every empire starts somewhere.

Mark Andrews Pete Dunne

WWE's two-night, sixteen-man United Kingdom Championship tournament emanated from Blackpool this past weekend and blew the roof off the buzzing Empress Ballroom.

With rumours that WWE aims to expand their business with the return of the old-school territory system, the birth of the UK Championship has got things off to an encouraging start by fostering a wealth of terrific talent.

Sure, not every match was great as is the norm for the tournament formula, but there were a number of highly memorable bouts and not a single stinker among the sixteen matches that took place

Now it just remains to be seen whether the rumoured weekly WWE UK show will come to fruition, or perhaps these territories will be restricted to Network specials every so often. And of course, with the UK edition being such a huge hit already, which country will be next?

Here is every WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament match ranked from worst to best...


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