WWE Wikipedia Page Is Most Edited Of All Time

List of WWE personnel tops George W. Bush as most frequently amended article.

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Online information repository and scourge of university history professors Wikipedia astonishingly turns 20 years old in 2021, and to mark the occasion, the BBC has summarised the internet encyclopaedia's tenure in the form of five of its most significant articles.

In addition to learning that the page about 'Inherently Funny Words' is founder Jimmy Wales' favourite contribution of the site's thousands of write-ups, it was also revealed that the 'List of WWE Personnel' recently became the most edited article in Wikipedia history - overtaking the previous record set by 'George W. Bush'.

According to BBC's long-time technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, the page detailing all of WWE's current superstars has been tinkered with on over 53,000 occasions over the years - which Cellan-Jones attributes to the "passion of [WWE's] fans" (though obviously, he can't resist a sly dig at wrestling as an, inverted commas, 'sport').


Comprising both main roster brands, the various umbrellas of NXT and their Performance Center trainees, WWE currently have a small army of wrestlers under their purview, so its hardly surprising the page has received so many edits. But the most in Wiki history? That really speaks to the meticulous - and, let's be honest, somewhat obsessive - nature of followers of this great sport.

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