WWE World Heavyweight Championship Open Challenge Set For Next Week's Raw

Fighting champion Rollins being true to his word about putting the title on the line.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has a date for Money in the Bank to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Finn Balor... if it makes it to the PLE as champ.

True to his word about being a fighting champion, Rollins issued an open challenge Monday night for next week's Raw, opening the door for someone to step up and try to pry the title from him in advance of MITB.


Rollins won the newly created WHC last month at Night of Champions as Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Championship became exclusive to SmackDown after the draft. He immediately issued an open challenge, which Damian Priest answered and unsuccessfully challenged Seth last week in a well-received match.

Rollins issuing open challenges is one solid way to establish his title as a "workhorse" championship, as he said, and to increase credibility for a new title whose very existence was questioned when it was unveiled. It also draws a stark contrast to Roman's title reign, where he hasn't defended his title since WrestleMania 39.


Now, the intrigue begins over who will accept the open challenge.


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