WWE Wrestlemania 29: Brock Lesnar Vs Triple H Will Not Be MMA Style

brock lesnar This week on Monday Night RAW Brock Lesnar accepted Triple H's challenge of a match at Wrestlemania on the proviso that Hunter blindly agreed to whatever stipulation Lesnar and his handler Paul Heyman decided upon. Many fans and websites jumped to conclusions that this would mean Triple H Vs Brock Lesnar 2 would be contested under MMA rules inside an Octagon style cage in front of the rabid Wrestlemania crowd however this has been quickly shot down by WWE insiders stating no such stipulation will be used. According to once source (F4Wonline): "WWE officials are considering three or four different stipulations but they had not decided on anything as of Monday night's RAW. It's possible we won't find out the stipulation until the March 25th or April 1st RAW." While Lesnar's MMA experience would lead one to think of involving him in an MMA-style match, it's likely for the best that WWE changed direction as this is probably not the best way to go for the part-time Triple H. It is more likely that Hunter/Lesnar 2 will take place under Hardcore rules or in the form of a full on street fight to stay in keeping with the level of brutality their feud has taken in recent weeks. Although an MMA contest would make a refreshing change it would perhaps be difficult to make this style of match look authentic as well as keeping the audience interested as it would be very difficult to tell an actual story. We remind you all of the ill fated match between Owen Hart and Ken Shamrock a few years ago and you'll see why these kind of matches have no place on a scripted live TV show. Exactly what stipulation will be decided remains to be seen but one thing's for sure both of these men have a long way to go top Hunter's previous 2 Wrestlemania's although surpassing Summerslam's sloppy stinker of a brawl wont be quite so hard.
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