WWE WrestleMania 30: 10 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Predictions

This Sunday at Wrestlemania 30, the WWE will hold a thirty man over the top Battle Royal in tribute to the world renowned WWE Superstar the legend that is Andre The Giant.

The first ever WWE Hall of Fame inductee Andre dominated a number of matches of this nature; this includes victory in a twenty man Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 2. On the WWE€™s showcase event the current crop of superstars will hope they can repeat the accomplishment.

Wrestlemania will be by some distance the biggest audience for a WWE event this year. It provides the perfect platform for new talents to introduce themselves to a worldwide stage, various floundering midcard acts to reignite their careers and maybe even a couple of veterans to say their final goodbyes.

From the appearance of certain Hall of Famers, to the role of the Big Show and then finally the ideal choice for the winner here are 10 predictions that must happen in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.


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