WWE WrestleMania 30: 10 Returns We Want To See For Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Andre The Giant Memorial Hulk Hogan's major Wrestlemania 30 announcement on Raw turned out to be 'The Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy Battle Royal.' In the storyline, Hulk came up with this match to hounor the memory of his friend Andre the Giant. At Wrestlemania 30 we will see 30 WWE superstars battle it out in an over the top rope battle royal to win a trophy of Andre's likeness. It's a fitting match for the occasion of Wrestlemania's 30th anniversary and a nice tribute to Andre who helped establish the Mania brand. The match itself, the battle royal, is a contest that Andre made famous. While the match will be filled with members of the WWE roster currently without a one-on-one match on the Mania card, we can also expect some big return surprises. It will make the match more fun and help fill the gaps in the WWE roster.There are several big names who the company might have in mind as returners for a big pop moment and we may even get at least one very major shock entrant. If WWE are serious about making the Memorial Battle Royal mean something, if they want it go down in legend, then the creative team MUST think big. A Mania 17 style of comedy returns isn't going to cut it. Thankfully there are several big names out there right now who could return in the battle royal and make it truly memorable. Here we predict 10 wrestlers who WWE could book for returns in the Andre the Giant battle royal ...
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