WWE WrestleMania 30: 10 Superstars Who Need To Win Battle Royal

When Hulk Hogan returned to the WWE and announced the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, fans could've been forgiven for overlooking what on the surface appears little more than a marquee attraction for the 30th anniversary of Wrestlemania. But when you consider that of the announced participants it contains four of the ten most recent WWE Champions, and six of the ten most recent World Heavyweight Champions - the significance of success in the event reveals itself to be that much more important. To analyse the calibre of talent in the Battle Royal you need look no further than the honours that can be attributed to the 27 confirmed competitors; they have a combined 8 WWE Championship reigns, 15 World Heavyweight Championship reigns, 13 US Title reigns, 23 Intercontinental Title reigns, 53 Tag Title reigns, there are 3 Royal Rumble winners, 4 Money in the Bank winners, they share 29 combined Slammy Award wins, 4 ECW Heavyweight Championship reigns and there are five participating Triple Crown Winners - this match contains main event talent, and whoever wins stands to gain not only bragging rights and the Andre the Giant Trophy, but also it will surely serve as a warning to the rest of the roster that they're not to be overlooked. Wrestlemania is the WWE's biggest stage - where a win can serve as a launching pad for greatness. Not too long ago, a new concept called Money in the Bank was introduced at WM21 to great success - a success that could transition the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The Big Show is the overwhelming favourite for victory, but in this list we look at the Superstars who simply put; need to win.

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