WWE WrestleMania 33: 18 Best & Most WTF Crowd Signs

Catch them before they're edited out of the Network...

Holocaust Denier

When you're faced with the daunting prospect of seven hours of wrestling and the inevitable stingers that WWE like to throw in to make everyone furious, you'll grab onto any opportunities for disposable moments of entertainment. To give the event its due credit, WrestleMania knows all about those moments - they're the currency of the PPV, which is precisely why it's the favoured arena for returns and special appearances, but there's only so many of them you can rely on the company to deliver.

Luckily, a significant number of Mania's fans in attendance take it upon themselves to turn WWE into a participation event, whether through bringing their own signs, acting out cosplay fantasy matches or booing Roman Reigns. There's often a lot of cross-over.

And even in the PG Era, there still exists an irresistible gallows humour to some of those signs, as well as a deliciously nerdy spirit and some good old fashioned marking out. In other words, fan signs in PPV crowds offer the perfect cross-section of WWE fandom - a microcosmic slice reflecting the good, the bad and the weird of what it means to love pro wrestling.

This year there were some classics, some jaw-droppers and some absolute head-scratchers. And that was just the matches. The signs were on a wholly different level, and quite frankly, it's incredible what the sign checkers let through...


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