WWE WrestleMania 40: 20 Things That Must Happen

Cody Rhodes finishes his story, WWE sets up The Rock's next blockbuster; more WrestleMania madness!

WWE WrestleMania 40 XL Cody Rhodes

There's been a palpable sense of wonder and magic in the air during this sensational WrestleMania season.

The Rock's return added a sense of danger, Cody Rhodes has sustained as WWE's go to hero for the masses, Roman Reigns looks ready to relinquish his title(s), and that's just for starters. Linked Seth Rollins injury panic, CM Punk injury misery and Drew McIntyre heel turn goodness has all been box office too.

Sure, a few of the matches Triple H has on tap across two nights in Philly do smack of trying to squeeze as many workers in front of the pay window as possible, but there's enough meat on the bone for both cards to shine regardless. People are expecting big things from 'Mania XL though - it's extra large for a reason!

Last year, WWE arguably fumbled the ball for some. In hindsight, they didn't, but fans will be demanding certain results this time. The rest of 2024 could depend on it, but so could next year's 'Mania 41. That's something Trips will have one eye on.

Here's absolutely everything that simply must happen this weekend.

20. Sami Zayn Ends GUNTHER’s Run

WWE WrestleMania 40 XL Cody Rhodes

How's this for a kick off?!

GUNTHER has been a record-breaking success story as Intercontinental Champ. The burly Austrian has deservedly etched his name into WWE history books, but now it's time for him to let someone else lug that secondary strap around. Who better for that spot than one Sami Zayn?

The beloved babyface shone as an unlikely member of The Bloodline, and he's worked cracking bouts at back-to-back WrestleManias; one against Johnny Knoxville, and one alongside Kevin Owens vs. The Usos. Now, Sami can grab IC gold and furnish that title's legacy with another memorable moment to sit alongside the likes of Steamboat vs. Savage in 1987, or GUNTHER's own heroics opposite Drew McIntyre and Sheamus.

Chad Gable was surely considered for this spot, but Sami feels worthy. He's exactly the kind of cherished baby fans would accept as a GUNTHER-conquerer. For some, this is defo preferable to the scrapped Brock Lesnar clash that ended before it got started on TV.


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