WWE WrestleMania Mixtape: Booking The Perfect ’Mania

The greatest night in the (made up) history of our sport.

WrestleMania Mixtape

The internet has been filled with fears that WrestleMania 36 might not go ahead, and it's terrifying.

Here's what is clear at press time: WWE has moved the event to their in-house Performance Center, rebranded it a two-night offering and will do anything they can in this rather weird climate to produce some moments worth savouring. Some fans are still on board, others are on the fence and a few vocal members of the social media community think 'Mania can suck it.

All this pandemonium tearing into the mass consciousness via media streams, and the current lockdowns being imposed, means people have a lot more time to sit around at home and watch wrestling. Specifically, as tradition demands, they're watching classic WrestleMania cards of yesterday, but which moments, matches and memories stick out as the absolute best?

Think of this as a wrestling version of a childhood mixtape. It's a 'Greatest Hits', and each 'hit' has been voted in by thousands of fans via the @WhatCultureWWE Twitter page. Here are your picks that help build the perfect 'Mania experience...

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