WWE WrestleMania Stage Catches Fire After Main Event

'Taker goes out with a bang...

WrestleMania Fire
Twitter/Amaya Fanel

WrestleMania may have closed with the apparent retirement of The Undertaker, but that was hardly the only shock that followed "The Phenom's" loss to Roman Reigns. As several fans noticed (and some captured on their cameras), pyrotechnics from the post-match display actually caused a portion of the stage to go up in flames, forcing stagehands with fire extinguishers to try and put a stop to the blaze. There were no injuries reported.

The scene wasn't altogether different from the one that took place the last time WWE hosted WrestleMania in Orlando. At that show - which took place in the same stadium, albeit since renovated and renamed from Florida Citrus Bowl to Camping World Stadium - The Undertaker closed the evening with a victory over Edge, winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

During the pyro celebration, though, a hot cable and exploding fireworks flew into the upper deck, injuring 45 people and leading to multiple hospitalizations.

There is no word thus far on what specifically caused the fire or how it can be prevented in the future. After WrestleMania 24, the company promised an investigation into the mishap but results were never released.

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