WWE's Andrade & Charlotte Flair Get Engaged!

Hopefully their wedding will go more smoothly than Lana and Lashley's.

Twitter, @MsCharlotteWWE

With a new year - heck, a new decade - comes new beginnings, and it looks like a pair of WWE superstars are set to embark on a whole new life together.

Charlotte Flair and Andrade, who have been an item since late 2018, decided to make their relationship official on New Year's Eve, with the former confirming their engagement via a Twitter post last night.

The ten-times WWE Women's champ shared a picture of herself and beau Almas aboard a yacht, champagne (or at least, very expensive sparkling wine) and roses in hand. The caption simply read "Si." For those not well-versed in Spanish, that means "yes".


Andrade himself confirmed the acceptance of his proposal on Twitter shortly afterwards, understandably and ecstatically saying, "She said siiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!".

Congratulations were soon winging their way to the happy couple, with No Way Jose and Billie Kay both sending their regards across the internet.


Natalya - Charlotte's regular on-screen rival - also extended her warm wishes.

With any luck, Flair and Andrade's wedding will pass off without the sort of incident which blighted Lana and Bobby Lashley's this past week on Raw. Especially since it's real.

Advertisement sens our most heartfelt congrats to the newly betrothed!

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