WWE's Big E Details Vince McMahon's Insane Workout Routine

Spare a thought for Vince McMahon's poor personal trainer...

Big E Vince McMahon

Big E might be one of the most ripped wrestlers on the WWE roster today, but it sounds like even the beefy 35-year-old would struggle to keep up with Vince McMahon's crazy workout routine.

The WWE Intercontinental Champion and SmackDown standout was interviewed by the Hollywood Raw podcast last week. At one point, E went into detail on how Vince stays in prime condition at 75 years old, outlining one of the most Vince stories you'll hear all year (h/t 411Mania for the transcription):-

"He has a personal trainer, and this poor guy, we have these long drives – obviously pre-pandemic. We’ll get in around two or sometimes three in the morning, and his personal trainer has been standing outside the whole time waiting for him because he’ll come in and work out after shows and after these long drives at like 3 AM. This man is not in his 20s, he’s in his 70s. He is working out hard. He’s a meathead in a way and lifting heavy. It’s crazy."

3 AM workouts before bed? Insane, for us mere mortals, but perhaps not for McMahon, who has previously claimed to only sleep for two-to-three hours each night.


One would assume that with the pandemic curbing WWE's touring schedule, Vince may have taken to working out at conventional times. Who knows, though? His reputation as one of the world's most eccentric billionaires is owned.

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