WWE's Carmella Provides Injury Update

The Queen of Staten Island has been absent from WWE TV for a month.

Carmella WWE

Having not been seen on WWE programming for over a month, Carmella has provided an update of sorts on her injury status.

In response to a fan on Twitter, the former SmackDown Women's Champion detailed how she's not sure when she'll be back in action, but hopefully it will be soon.

The last time Carmella was seen on TV was on the 28 July edition of Main Event. There, teaming with Tamina Snuka, 'Mella lost to the tandem of Asuka and Dana Brooke. In terms of Raw, the Massachusetts-born grappler last competed on the 18 July edition of WWE's Monday night flagship, coming up short against Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair.


While WWE hasn't provided any official announcement on Carmella's status, the Queen of Staten Island suffered an injury during a 6 August live event in North Charleston, South Carolina. Competing against Belair at that show, the 34-year-old reportedly hit her head on the ring post and has seemingly yet to be cleared to return to in-ring action.

A second generation star - her father being former WWF enhancement talent Paul Van Dale - the real-life Leah Van Dale has been with the organisation since June 2013, initially debuting on NXT as a hairdresser in segments featuring Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Of course, Carmella would eventually manage that duo before breaking out as a singles act of her own on the main roster.

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