WWE's Chad Gable Is A Wanted Man In AEW

AEW's Dax Harwood heaps praise on old American Alpha rival, Chad Gable.

Chad Gable AEW

All Elite Wrestling star Dax Harwood wants to see former WWE NXT rival Chad Gable join him in Jacksonville someday.

The FTR man said as much during a recent AdFreeShows watchalong alongside one of his biggest influences, Arn Anderson, with the duo sitting down to revisit the awesome Revival vs. American Alpha match from NXT TakeOver: Dallas in April 2016.

Harwood began by heaping praise on the match (h/t Cultaholic for the transcriptions):-

“That’s what separates you. That’s what separates the wrestlers from guys who are playing wrestler. There’s guys who can go in there and do some athletic, crazy stuff. And I wish I could, but if you believe in your heart that you’re the best? If you believe that you’re the biggest badass in the world? Nobody can beat you, you’re gonna look legit.”

On Chad, he said the following:-

“I think we should get Gable into AEW, but that’s just my thought.”

Dax has since hit Twitter to reaffirm his views, saying the world has no idea of Chad's true capabilities:-


Gable currently finds himself coaching Otis towards "Alpha" on SmackDown. It's a middling role, but a clear step forward from the grim days of "Shorty G", when the former Olympian was presented in the exact opposite way a professional wrestler is supposed to be: with his biggest weakness pushed to the forefront.


Widely considered one of the most under-utilised wrestlers in WWE, Gable is one of dozens of wrestlers who peaked in NXT, then struggled on the main roster. Harwood, meanwhile, is a good advertisement for the potential benefits of leaving WWE's restrictive system, having flourished alongside Cash Wheeler in AEW.

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