WWE's Ethan Page BLASTS "Unorganised" AEW

New WWE NXT star Ethan Page didn't have kind words for old stomping ground AEW.

NXT Ethan Page

WWE NXT newcomer Ethan Page blasted ex-employer AEW during a memorable appearance on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson's 'Talk'n Shop' podcast. Amongst other things, Page called Tony Khan's company "chaotic".

Ethan also said All Elite Wrestling was "unorganised" during his stay there between 2021-2024. Elaborating on his recent jump from AEW to WWE, Page added: "It feels good to not feel like I have to do everything myself". He then said: "To have people that want to see me succeed is kind of mind blowing".


Those comments won't sit well with Khan or any staunch AEW hardcore fans.

In a reflective moment, Page also claimed he still views himself as a little "green" despite being 17 years into his pro wrestling career. The 34 year old "pretty much taught [himself] how to wrestle", so he's looking forward to some guidance from the best in WWE.


It's onwards and upwards for 'All Ego' then, but he couldn't resist a dig at the "chaotic and unorganised" AEW before moving on. It'll be interesting to see if Tony Khan or anyone else on All Elite's side fires back a rebuttal for those words.


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