WWE's Forgotten Sons Faction Was Almost Called THIS Instead

WWE management thought a proposed stable name would "paint NXT in a bad light".

Forgotten Sons

Former WWE star Wesley Blake, who is now going by the name Westin, has revealed what he and old partner Steve Cutler originally wanted to call The Forgotten Sons.

Blake told Chris Van Vliet's 'INSIGHT' show that he and Cutler fancied being known as either "Prisoners Of Society or Prisoners Of The System". WWE top brass turned both down flat - they felt that those names would reflect badly on NXT as a product.

WWE especially didn't like the idea that Blake and Cutler were prisoners of WWE's system. That, to them, made it sound like the NXT brand was a punishment rather than an opportunity to rocket up the company ladder.


Eventually, one of the lads pitched The Forgotten Sons idea. WWE preferred that, and everyone was off to the races. Blake was happy with the name, but he's since started using the "Prisoner Of Society" handle to hype his wrestling return on social media.

The general gist of the gimmick is that "society doesn't care how hard people work". It only cares about "its own agenda". Yeah, beginning to see why WWE thought this was a subtle dig...

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