WWE's Insane Main Roster Plans For Adam Cole Revealed

With plans like this, it's no wonder Adam Cole chose AEW over WWE...

Adam Cole

One of WWE's apparent plans for Adam Cole on the main roster has today been revealed, with Dave Meltzer describing the idea on the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio.

WWE planned on pairing Cole up with Raw's Keith Lee. While this doesn't sound terrible in and of itself, it gets worse.

Per Meltzer, Lee would have turned heel to facilitate the Cole partnership. Adam would have then effectively operated as the big man's manager in a relationship similar to the old Lio Rush/Bobby Lashley partnership, where Rush was a mouthy smaller wrestler hiding behind a hulking Goliath. Cole would've played that same role with Keith.


On top of this, Adam would have likely had to change his ring name in order to avoid confusion with the other Cole in the promotion, Michael, who currently serves as SmackDown's lead announcer.

One source informed Meltzer that this was a Bruce Prichard idea, while another claimed it came from Vince McMahon. Whoever devised it, they saw Cole as more of a manager than a wrestler, owing perhaps to his lack of size.


Cole debuted for AEW at All Out 2021 on 5 September, doing so nine days after his last WWE contract had expired. The former NXT Champion personally met with Vince prior to his release, suggesting the Chairman has keen to retain the 32-year-old, even with this wacky pitch.

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