WWE's Jeff Hardy Arrested For Being "Drunk In Public"

The injured star was taken in earlier this weekend.

Jeff Hardy

WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy was arrested in South Carolina for the alleged offence of being "drunk in public" this weekend, according to TMZ Sports.

Per the writeup, the 41-year-old was arrested and taken on early on Saturday morning. Officers suspected "public intoxication and impairment" in Myrtle Beach, with the local police department issuing the following mugshot:-

Jeff Hardy Mugshot
Myrtle Beach PD

There's currently no word on the situation that led to his arrest, though TMZ note that they are currently working on acquiring more details. What is known is that Jeff is no longer being held: he was released on a $200 bond later on Saturday.

This is the second time Hardy has been arrested in the past 18 months, with the former United States Champion booked for driving while impaired last March.

Jeff currently finds himself on WWE's injury reserve list having suffered a leg issue severe enough for the company to strip him and brother Matt of their SmackDown Tag Team Championships, and isn't expected to return for another 5-7 months. The promotion are yet to comment on his arrest.

Fingers crossed that all is well with Hardy, given the problems his vices have caused him in the past.

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