WWE's Jeff Hardy Reveals His Real Reaction To Matt's HORRIFIC AEW All Out Bump

Jeff Hardy shares his immediate thoughts on Matt's dangerous bump at AEW All Out 2020.



That's the one word which instantly leapt into Jeff Hardy's head when he watched his brother Matt crash hard onto the concrete floor during his truncated 'Broken Rules' match with Sammy Guevara at AEW's All Out 2020 pay-per-view last September.

The fall was horrific, but Matt continued brawling after being checked out by medics. Back home, Jeff told Metro he was naturally concerned for his sibling's health, especially when Matt struggled to walk afterwards and was visibly concussed.


Once Jeff calmed down and realised that his brother was banged up but fine, he said to himself that those spots were "part of the game". He'd know that first hand, to be fair - Jeff has taken some hellish bumps over the years in WWE and TNA, and told Metro, "...that’s part of the job, you know. You’re gonna' get hurt!".

Still, Matt's fall was uncontrolled and downright scary. Jeff could see that he'd smacked his head on the concrete, and that was never going to end well. He's just thankful that his bro wasn't put on the shelf for an extended period.


Wrestlers are a different breed.

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