WWE's Jinder Mahal Undergoes Another Knee Surgery

News on the latest setback for 'The Modern Day Maharaja'

WWE star Jinder Mahal has been forced to undergo yet another bout of knee surgery.

The former WWE Champion, who only recently returned to the fold on the 27 April episode of Raw, had been benched since June 2019 with knee problems. Now, it appears he's set for another spell on the sidelines, which must be so frustrating after launching his comeback.

Even more annoying for Jinder is that he was reportedly set to work a babyface run instead of the standard heel character he's been playing for years; Dave Meltzer had previously said in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter that hopes were high for Mahal as a good guy.


Jinder described the latest surgery as a "speed bump" and promises to be "back stronger than ever". He didn't give a timescale for any return in his Instagram post, which has some worried that he'll be out for another extended period.

The babyface rumour suggests that WWE wished to steer clear of an obvious feud with former 3MB stablemate Drew McIntyre on Raw. There's no word on what rivalry the company did have planned for Mahal before injuries forced him back under the knife.

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