WWE's Kalisto To Become Gay Hairdresser Character

Kalisto could be getting turned in a whole different way.

WWE NXT's Kalisto is to be repackaged as a gay hairdresser, according to backstage insider MetsFan4Ever. The Reddit user has been right about several backstage developments in the past, but he's also had his share of wrong information. It is believed that WWE originally wanted to develop Kalisto as a replacement for Rey Mysterio, but they gave him a tryout recently as an unmasked gay hairstylist. "He blew away officials, no pun intended, with his portrayal, to the point that he is seriously being considered doing that gimmick instead of continuing with the Kalisto gimmick," MetsFan4Ever states. This could explain why WWE recently had Kalisto and Sin Cara losing the NXT Tag Team Titles to the team of Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake. WWE and pro wrestling have a mixed record when it comes to "gay" characters. In the modern age, it is absolutely an outdated gimmick to have a wrestler doing the gay characters of the past. A modern gay babyface character could be innovative and something different for the industry, but surely Darren Young is perfect for that spot and WWE have so far resisted doing any sort of storyline like that with the openly gay wrestler. Kalisto's "hairdresser" character doesn't sound like a good move for WWE or the grappler. It sounds reminiscent of Rico, who went nowhere with his camp gimmick and ended up a little used jobber. WWE have actually been a great supporter of gay rights in recent years, including last year's NOH8 campaign. It would be surprising to see them cast such a stereotype in 2015, but then this is WWE creative and nothing should come as a shock.
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