WWE's 'King' Corbin Reportedly Unhappy About Feuding With Matt Riddle

From dissing 'The Deadman' to doing the job...

'King' Corbin is reportedly unhappy about the thought of being Matt Riddle's first prolonged victim on SmackDown.

According to Gary Cassidy, last year's King Of The Ring winner only found out about WWE's plans last week, and was angered to learn that Riddle had been told them months ago. Now, Corbin is insisting that Riddle should have to go through "five enhancement talents" before being programmed against him.

That sounds like a storyline, not real life.


Riddle beat Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles in a non-title match during his SmackDown debut last week, then followed that up by helping other babyfaces humiliate Corbin on Friday's latest. Plans as they stand call for the former NXT 'Bro' to face Corbin in a series of matches that'd help elevate him.

Corbin was previously booked to eliminate Riddle from one of the traditional bouts at Survivor Series last year, and again during the men's Royal Rumble in January. According to reports, it looks like WWE has decided Riddle should finally get his revenge.


It's a guess, but Corbin may view working with the newcomer as a slap in the face to his own chances of a push.

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