WWE's 'King' Corbin Reveals His Main Heel Inspirations

Who influenced Corbin the most?

'King' Corbin guested on 'Busted Open Radio' recently, and the WWE star revealed several key influences he tries to draw from when playing heel.

When pressed for three definitive answers, Corbin said that JBL, Bam Bam Bigelow and Eddie Guerrero left the biggest impressions on him when he was watching as a fan.

Eddie's confident swagger is something Corbin wants to replicate, and he loved the way JBL could make an audience "want to just kill him" by doing nothing more than standing mid-ring with a smile. As for Bam Bam, well...Bigelow played a bigger role during Corbin's formative years than some might think.


Before taking to the field for football practice, Corbin's father would pull him to one side and remind him how Bam Bam had "run over this dude" on TV. Emulating that smash mouth behaviour was something the future 'King' tried to do whenever he played sports.

That continues to this day inside WWE rings.


Acting "like a big dude" is something Corbin's dad encouraged him to do from a young age. Fans will have their own opinions about whether or not the 'King' is successful at it.

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