WWE's Lana On CH2 Magazine Cover

Ravishing Russian talks career with lifestyle mag.


We may not have seen Lana on WWE TV for the vast majority of this year, as she enjoys an extended sabbatical away from the ring alongside her disgruntled husband Rusev, but that doesn't mean she hasn't been keeping herself busy.

Most recently, the 'Ravishing Russian' (from Gainseville, FL) posed in a series of glamour shots for community magazine CH2, selected as the latest issue's cover star. The edition also contains an interview with the WWE valet, which can be read in full over at the publication's official website.

A little delve into exactly what CH2 magazine is reveals Lana as a flipping no-brainer to adorn its front spread: the circular, founded in 2006, aims to offer a "a fresh perspective on Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and the surrounding Low Country." This rather suggests that the old opinions on the area had grown stale, requiring a rethink.


It's not as niche as it all sounds, mind. The magazine has since grown to attract up to 47,000 local readers each month - to their website, at the very least. At this point, we'd say CH2 is available in all good newsagents (and some bad ones), but it probably isn't.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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