WWE's Mandy Rose Debuts New Look On SmackDown

Otis' peach has changed up her look...


Mandy Rose debuted a fresh new look on this week's episode of SmackDown.

WWE's beauty queen had been attacked on last week's show by former partner Sonya Deville - Deville cut some of Mandy's blonde hair off and then asked what she'd do now her only selling point (her stunning good looks) had been ruined.

Fans wondering the same thing got their answers on Friday night when Rose interrupted a tag-team match between Heavy Machinery and the team of The Miz and John Morrison to hunt down Sonya. Weirdly, Michael Cole didn't seem to recognise her on commentary, which was ridiculous.


Mandy's image change wasn't that drastic.

She was rocking a shorter hairstyle than normal, but doesn't look too different. It was therefore hilarious to think that Cole was confused. SmackDown's play-by-play man must've groaned when that particular directive blared over his headset from Vince McMahon.


It's likely that Mandy will challenge Sonya to some sort of match at SummerSlam on 23 August. The pair work incredibly well together, and they're overdue another brawl anyway. Booking a gimmick bout (perhaps a 'Street Fight'?) on the next pay-per-view makes sense.

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