WWE's New Day Finally Split Up On SmackDown

It's a SAD day, yes it is...

New Day Split

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods returned to Big E's side on last night's episode of SmackDown.

The New Day's happy reunion was short-lived though, because Stephanie McMahon announced that Kofi and Xavier had been drafted to Raw as part of the 2020 Draft. Then, she followed that up by declaring that Big E would be staying put on Friday nights.

Yes, that means New Day are now yesterday's news. Sad times.


WWE has scheduled a grand farewell for the beloved trio on next week's show, but it appears that Kingston and Woods will be taking the SmackDown Tag belts with them to Raw. It remains to be seen what'll happen there, but there's a good chance their reign will either be short-lived or WWE will switch the tag titles around during night two of the Draft.

They'd surely have to rename them then - otherwise, they'd have the Raw belts on SmackDown and vice versa.


This was Xavier's first match since October 2019, and Kofi's first since July. They were booked to gain revenge on Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura after New Day lost the straps to them at Extreme Rules over the summer.

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