WWE's New Mask Policy In Place

All staff and talent will now have to wear a mask at all times - or face being fined!


What’s that? Some common sense? From WWE? Crazy times, for sure.

After months of fans scratching their heads in amazement that WWE’s whole handling of the global bastard (hey, Adam Wilbourn!), Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment behemoth has finally made it mandatory for masks to be worn at all times.

Well, as ‘at all times’ as it gets for WWE.


This afternoon, WWE informed all talent and staff that the company is enforcing an order that will see protective masks worn at all times on any WWE workday. The only exception to that rule is for talents performing on camera for WWE television.

To show just how serious WWE is about this latest instruction, the company will issue a $500 fine to anybody caught not wearing a mask during a WWE TV taping. For anybody who violates this rule a second time, it will be a $1,000 fine.


In recent weeks, we’ve seen the Performance Center trainees who have been present in the crowd for TV tapings not always wearing masks. Here’s hoping that finally puts a stop to that, and that WWE now ups its game where proper, regular, constant testing is concerned.

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