WWE's Next NXT Title Number One Contender Is...

Who's next for Bron Breakker after Santos Escobar's defeat last week?

Bron Breakker Dolph Ziggler

Bron Breakker's next NXT Championship defence will be against Dolph Ziggler.

This follows last night's episode of WWE NXT 2.0, on which Ziggler defeated Tommaso Ciampa to earn the right to face Breakker. The match is now due to be set for the upcoming Stand & Deliver special in Dallas, Texas on Saturday 2 April.

Ziggler has been making a nuisance of himself on recent episodes of NXT, engaging in verbal sparring sessions with both Ciampa and Breakker. Last night's match had been set up through a series of segments, with Breakker and Ziggler once again getting into it during the show-opener, before Dolph defeated Ciampa in a well-received main event.


Shenanigans ensured Dolph's victory. Ciampa was struck by a cameraman in black attire towards the end, allowing Ziggler to nail a Superkick and score the pin. When said cameraman was revealed as Robert Roode, Dolph's partner in the Dirty Dawgs, Breakker came out to make the save, sending the heels scampering after the bell.

In addition to the expected NXT Title match, Roode and Ziggler will now face Breakker and Ciampa on next week's NXT 2.0.


Bron has been NXT Champion since defeating Ciampa at New Year's Evil on 4 January. Last week, he made his first successful defence, felling Santos Escobar at Vengeance Day.

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