WWE's Otis Is A 'Vince McMahon Project'

Heavy Machinery have made 'positive impressions' backstage.

Otis Money In The Bank

Otis is having quite the year in WWE. Not only did he register a high-profile victory at WrestleMania 36 which sent, er, nobody home happy, but he also swiped the Money in the Bank briefcase right from under AJ Styles' nose.

He's yet to cash in his contract - and there's obviously no guarantee he'll be successful when he does - but nevertheless, the picture is looking (Mandy) rosy for the Heavy Machinery heavyweight.

Turns out there's one very clear and immediately understandable reason for Otis's big 2020 push: he's said to be a favourite of the boss himself. According to Fightful Select, the ex-Dozovic is a "total Vince McMahon project" - despite his physiognomy and character being somewhat different to the chairman's usual preferences. However, it's not hard to imagine Otis' antics and particular brand of humour being right up McMahon's street.


The report goes on to suggest that Otis' partner Tucker is in equal esteem backstage, with the pair said to have made "positive impressions" in the locker room. It's fair to say Heavy Machinery's cogs are turning very slickly at the moment.

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