WWE's Paul Heyman: "God Bless AEW"

Paul Heyman gives an honest appraisal of AEW from a current WWE star's perspective.

Paul Heyman Ariel Helwani
WWE/BT Sport

Paul Heyman is glad that AEW exists.

The WWE star sat down with Ariel Helwani for an enlightening chat (via BT Sport), and the SmackDown man didn't shirk questions about Tony Khan's operation. In fact, Heyman said that All Elite Wrestling was "a viable entity". He then added, "God bless them for being there".

Later, Roman Reigns' very own 'Special Council' said that AEW shouldn't "give a f*ck" what [he] thinks of them", because Paul E isn't their audience. No, he's a WWE performer who focuses more on drawing eyes to that product and doing the best job he can possibly do onscreen.


Fair enough.

Heyman isn't so sure that All Elite should be likened to his own revolution during the 90s either - comparisons between AEW and ECW don't sit too well with the former head of hardcore, not least because he thinks their business models are vastly different (Paul then said that his words were "probably over-complimentary", but he wanted to make it clear that ECW wasn't like AEW).


Still, Paul is grateful that pro wrestlers have another means to make proper money.

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