WWE's Plans For Braun Strowman At WrestleMania 32

Will the Andre The Giant trophy be the start of a mega push?

Braun Strowman is no longer considered a lock to win WrestleMania's Andre The Giant Battle Royal trophy, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting. WWE are having second thoughts on pushing him, especially after the negative reaction to his match with Dean Ambrose on Raw recently. He had been due for a big push, he was the favourite to win the multi-man Battle Royal, with insider reports indicating that he'd then go on to major feuds with Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. Grahame's Take: Strowman could still win this Sunday, but clearly something has leaked out that indicates there's doubts over his viability in a headline slot. The limitations are obvious, he's very poor in the ring and lacks experience. That isn't all his fault, as WWE rushed him through to the main roster based upon his impressive size and look. And that's why he may still make sense as the winner this Sunday. He's a giant, there's narrative rhyme for him as an Andre trophy winner and he does pose some value for the future, a match with Lesnar would certainly be a visual spectacle, he's one of the few men bigger than The Beast. But as the last two years proved, the Andre trophy really doesn't matter anyway. Winning it did nothing for Cesaro or Big Show. Whoever walks out as the winner and losers in this Sunday's battle royal, it won't be the make or break for a push in the coming months.
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