WWE's Randy Orton Trolls AEW Stars On Instagram

Orton also wanted to say hello to some old friends.


Randy Orton loves a good trolling session.

AEW's Matt Jackson posted a quick clip of him hitting a dive spot on this past Wednesday's episode of Dynamite, and he captioned it with, "I really stuck that landing, didn't it?".

Replying, WWE's Orton noted that Jackson hadn't actually made contact with any of the guys he was working with. He then asked The Young Bucks member to say hello to some of his old peers.


Randy quickly deleted the comment, but a fan managed to screenshot it first and posted the conversation on Twitter.

Orton said, "Sweet landing, but you didn't hit anybody", and then asked Jackson to say hi to "Cody, Goldust, Harper, Swags, Y2J, Hardy, Ryder, Spears, Ambrose, Arn, Malenko (he typo'd with 'Milenko'), Gunn and, most importantly, FTR for me".


It's pretty interesting that he didn't use The Revival when naming his brief WWE running buddies, but typed almost everyone else's WWE moniker (other than Shawn Spears, who once wrestled as Tye Dillinger).

Randy must've decided that his friendly trolling wasn't worth the hassle. It was only up for a few short minutes before being taken down.

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