WWE's Rowan Is Officially 'Erick Rowan' Again

Keep on Rowan, Erick.

Erick Rowan profile page

For reasons which can probably be categorised in the drawer marked 'arcane', WWE have randomly reverted Rowan's name to 'Erick Rowan'.

The official profile of Daniel Bryan's beardy buddy confirms the switch back, where he is once more listed with both his fore and surnames in tact.

Such is their wont, WWE dropped the former Wyatt family member's nom de naissance when he became part of the Bludgeon Brothers alongside the similarly trimmed Harper in 2017. The tag team effectively disbanded when Rowan tore his biceps at the tail end of last year. He returned to action as Daniel Bryan's lackey at the Royal Rumble, sans hammers.

WWE have made a habit of shortening wrestler names in recent years. Europeans Rusev, Neville, and Cesaro all dropped bits of their designations after moving to the main roster. Most recently, Andrade and Ali have joined the mononym club.

It's unlikely Rowan's switch back indicates a whole host of talent reviving their full names. What it does mean is that WWE now have three performers brandishing some variation of the name 'Eric' on their roster. Eric Young is nominally associated with Raw, and for whatever reason, Raymond Rowe of the Viking Raiders was re-christened 'Erik' earlier this year. Oh, and then there's Eric Bischoff - does he have more influence than we realised? Welcome to All Eric Wrestling.

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