WWE's Royal Rumble 2020 Plans Revealed? (SPOILERS)

2020's Royal Rumbles could look very, very different.

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It looks like the widescale integration of NXT Superstars into "main roster" pay-per-views is going to continue beyond Survivor Series 2019, where WWE's black and gold brand mopped the floor with Raw and SmackDown.

Per Bryan Alvarez on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Live, WWE plan on throwing more NXT wrestlers into the men's and women's Royal Rumbles in 2020, with equal representation for each of the promotion's three biggest brands.

That means 10 SmackDown wrestlers, 10 Raw wrestlers, and 10 NXT wrestlers in both matches on 26 January. This would be a big step up for this year, with the women's match featuring six NXT Superstars and the men's bout half that number.


It's worth noting that WrestleVotes tweeted the following regarding NXT and WrestleMania 36 yesterday:-


Exciting stuff all-round, then. While the "Brand Supremacy" build wasn't for everyone, that NXT's presence gave Survivor Series an extra dose of excitement is an almost universal opinion, and it makes sense from a business perspective as well, with WWE out to draw more eyes to NXT in the Wednesday night wars.

Whether or not they'll go as hard on putting NXT wrestlers over at the Rumble and 'Mania is up for debate.

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