WWE's Sami Zayn Is A Father?!

AJ Styles dropped the bombshell on the latest Talking Smack.

During an appearance on the latest episode of Talking Smack, AJ Styles revealed that Sami Zayn has become "a brand new father".

Styles, Zayn and Jeff Hardy have all been feuding over who is the rightful owner of the Intercontinental Championship in recent weeks, and the trio are now set to decide the issue at tonight's Clash of Champions PPV.

While hyping up the impending showdown on this week's episode of Talking Smack, though, the 'Phenomenal One' may have just let slip a highly personal piece of information that most fans probably weren't aware of.


Talking about how Zayn hadn't been doing much to prepare for the all important IC Championship ladder encounter, Styles said:

'He hasn’t been doing anything. From what I hear, he’s a brand new father. When your wife starts getting big, so do you. You eat right with her because you don’t want to make her feel bad so you just gobble it up right beside her, whatever she wants to eat, we’ll eat together. Listen, Sami has probably been rubbing her feet because when you’re pregnant… he hasn’t been doing nothing but rubbing feet and eating!'

It's still unclear whether or not this is actually true as Zayn has yet to comment on the revelation. But, if it is, then congratulations to Sami and his family!


Zayn was recently absent from WWE programming for an extended period, with many speculating that this was down to the ongoing global health crisis. Since returning, he has bitterly claimed that he never lost his IC title and therefore is still the reigning, defending Champion.

Will he walk out of CoC as the undisputed IC king? Or will this apparent new baby daddy be left grasping at thin air?


All will be revealed tonight.

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