WWE's Sami Zayn Names Surprising Dream AEW Opponent

Sami Zayn wants to wrestle MJF and Kenny Omega. Oh yeah, and THIS underrated AEW star.

Dante Martin

Sami Zayn has named AEW high-flyer Dante Martin as someone he'd love to wrestle.

The 'Honorary Uce', who has flitted between outright comedy (vs. Johnny Knoxville) and quite-brilliant drama (as part of The Bloodline) this year, told Peter Rosenberg on YouTube that he's impressed whenever he checks out some All Elite programming and sees Dante tearing it up in-ring.

Of course, Sami has also been very complimentary of both MJF and Kenny Omega - he'd love to work with new AEW Champ Friedman and old pal Omega in the future too, but Martin has been catching his eye. However, Zayn realises that sort of bout is probably never gonna happen in WWE circles anytime soon.


In an interesting moment, Sami said that he'd enjoy working opposite Dante on "an indy [show] in front of 300 people". He reckons they could produce something special in that kind of tight, intimate environment. This also suggests that Zayn isn't certain the bout would fit a large-scale platform, at least not as a one-off showcase without any well-produced story to back it up.

It's certainly a compliment to Martin that Zayn named him alongside stars like MJF and Kenny Omega.

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