WWE's Samoa Joe Has Donated His Hair To Charity

He may play a bad guy on WWE Raw, but Samoa Joe just proved himself a real-life babyface...

Samoa Joe hair
WWE/Instagram, @samoajoe_wwe

On television (when not sat behind an announce booth), Samoa Joe is one of the most detestable villains in all of professional wrestling, capable of triggering building-shaking jeers from every corner of an arena in one small move.

In real life, Samoa Joe is a saint.

The current WWE Raw commentator hit social media yesterday to confirm that he has cut his hair to donate it to the Children With Hair Loss charity, posting the following to Instagram:-

Samoa Joe hair instagram
Instagram, @samoajoe_wwe

CWHL provides free human hair replacements to children and young adults who have lost theirs through cancer treatments, alopecia, or other ailments. Good on Joe for stepping up and donating.

Joe is currently going through a lengthy hiatus from in-ring competition, having last wrestled on the 10 February episode of Raw. A series of injuries brought him to this point, having first filled the colour commentator position after sitting out in late 2019, though he has slotted into the role effortlessly, drawing plaudits for his performances.


There's currently no word on when Joe will step back in the ring, or if he even will at all. Here's hoping his body has healed, at least.

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