33 Holy S*** Moments From WWE Raw History

The most sensational moments from the history of Monday Night Raw.

From the get go in 1993, Vince McMahon was always looking to shock his audience with Monday Night Raw. The WWE Chairman is just that type of guy, bold and brazen. Then the arrival of WCW Monday Night Nitro in 1995 forced the shock tactics to go to a whole new other level. In the face of hot competition, McMahon introduced the 'Attitude Era' of professional wrestling, which would become famous for its holy s*** moments. Even after the end of the attitude era in 2001, WWE still stuck the course with a holy s*** shock style of booking. Even now in 2015, you still regularly hear the Raw audience chanting "holy s***" at the range of explosive spots and segments that happen on Monday nights. Even before the Attitude Era, the same sentiment was felt at cartoon era shows. In looking at what has been the biggest holy s*** moment in WWE Raw history, you have to pay tribute to Vince McMahon and his creative team. They hit the ball out of the park when they get it right. The occasional blockbuster moment almost makes up for those Raw episodes that are just three hours of drivel. It has been an extraordinary 22 years, almost a quarter of a century of sensational moments that caused pandemonium at their time!

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