35 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (Nov 2)

Triple Hash...

This week's episode of RAW would struggle to top last week's. How long has it been since I was able to type something like that? The number one contender's tournament and subsequent final was the first time in a long while that RAW managed to garner your attention and keep it for the full three hours. They did this via meaningful content that would be sure to have you invested. That, and the action in the ring was great. All five matches were proverbial slobberknockers and just showed how good WWE can be if they stick to wrestling. How weird's that for a wrestling show? This week's episode didn't promise much, but that all changed a couple of hours before the event as a fatal four way Divas match was announced. The powers that be must have been hoping that this could provide the spark to ignite the main women's roster. While Bray Wyatt's situation with the Brothers of Destruction was sure to take up a portion of the show, the main issue that would be sure to take centre stage would be the new feud between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Reigns is now the number one contender for The Architect's WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and given the way Roman has done business in the past, The Authority would be sure to stack the deck well against him. As ever, what would WWE RAW be without a WTF Moment or two? Here's 35 of them...

35. WWE Is Life, WWE Is Love

This fan's sign provoked one thought, and one thought only for me, at least. While we all know how WWE has that ability to get you away from your problems, and have you lost in what could be seen as an alternative reality... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvTNyKIGXiI WWE IS real-life, man!
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