Xavier Woods Reveals An UpUpDownDown Idea WWE Turned Down

WWE didn't dig the New Day man's original plans...


ESPN interviewed WWE star Xavier Woods at the NHL's All-Star game, and the New Day member had a lot to say about his cherished UpUpDownDown gaming side project.

It was almost totally different to the community-style, quasi-interview/'My Life In Gaming' show it is now.

Woods' original idea for UpUpDownDown came from travelling around the world and seeking out various arcade gaming bars he could visit during WWE tours. He found a ton of these geeky havens, and he planned to have a few drinks and document his experiences there in true Travel Channel style.


The only problem was that WWE were about as disinterested as they could be in Xavier's passion for retro gaming hubs and knocked the idea back. It took a solid year for him to change tact, get more WWE stars involved and convince the company that his show was worth their stamp of approval.

Woods still loves the thought of showing off the arcade bar subculture as an important, passionate sector of the wider gaming community. Given the success of his channel on YouTube (over 2 million subscribers to date), it's somewhat surprising that he hasn't been able to.

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