Xavier Woods Says He's Innocent!

The New Day stalwart was quick to plead his innocence after new audio made him the prime suspect.

Xavier Woods Mystery Hacker
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With WWE’s SmackDown brand currently being targeted by a mysterious hacker, wrestling fans are putting their thinking caps on and trying to work out just who is under this hooded visage.

Previously, many believed that Mustafa Ali was the person taking aim at the blue brand, yet new evidence from earlier today put Xavier Woods front and centre as the prime suspect responsible for these attacks. But according to Woods, he’s innocent!

For those not keeping track of today’s antics, Twitter user GIFSkull slowed down the audio of the latest message from this hacker. And wouldn’t you know it, but the mystery person’s voice sounded eerily like a certain Xavier Woods.


Currently recovering from a major Achilles injury, Woods was quick to take to Twitter to plead his innocence.


Adding further fuel to the fire of The New Day stalwart being the mastermind behind this cyber stalker is the fact that the GPS coordinates of @TheMessageWWE lists the account as originating from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Before his WWE days, Xavier Woods performed under the name Consequences Creed.


Truth or Consequences was also the billed hometown of Mick Foley’s Cactus Jack persona, although it appears that this locale is only being utilised as a way to hammer home the whole message of ‘the truth’ for this shadowy character.

If you ask us, we're still leaning towards Mustafa Ali as being the one revealed to have been tormenting SmackDown over the recent weeks and months.

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