Xavier Woods Set To Miss Up To A Year Through Injury?

Bad news for New Day fans.

Xavier Woods

As reported earlier this week, WWE's Xavier Woods suffered a suspected Achilles tendon tear while competing on the company's recent tour of Australia, having limped out of a tag team clash with The Revival in Sydney.

It was noted that Woods dropped to his knees after an Irish Whip. This prompted the referee to throw up the dreaded 'X' symbol, and Xavier later tweeted that he'd suffered an Achilles tendon issue.

Now, it looks like The New Day man is set to miss up to a year.


Dave Meltzer reported on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that Woods is about to go under the knife, after which he will face a long, gruelling recovery process, with returning to the ring likely impossible before this time next year.

Woods and stablemate Big E recently feuded with The Revival as an extension of Kofi Kingston's rivalry with Randy Orton. There's no telling what WWE had planned for The New Day prior to his injury, though it's likely that Kingston and E will push forward as a tag team in their partner's absence, given that Kofi's WWE Championship chasing days appear to be over.

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