Xavier Woods Updates WWE Fans On His Injury Status

When will we see the injured New Day man again?

Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods suffered a suspected Achilles tendon tear while wrestling on WWE's tour of Australia last month, sidelining the popular New Day star for up to a year.

Woods went under the knife just a few days later. He has already begun his recovery process, though it seems we're no closer to a more precise estimate of when he'll actually be able to return to the squared circle.

CBS Sports' Chuck Carroll recently spoke to Woods about the matter for an interview that is still to be published, though he tweeted a little snippet out last night, claiming that Xavier told him the timetable for his comeback "Could be 5 months, could be 9 months. There's a lot of wiggle room."


"9 months" sounds better than "up to a year," at least, though injuries of this severity are tough.

Kofi Kingston and Big E have found success as a double-act in Woods' absence. They recently captured the SmackDown Tag Team Championships from The Revival and look set to lead the blue brand's division going forward, though the group definitely miss their trombone-wielding pal's presence. Here's hoping Xavier's return is closer to the quoted "5 months."

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