Yorkshire Police Enquiring About Recent #SpeakingOut Allegations

Several members of WWE's NXT UK roster have been accused.

Jordan Devlin

West Yorkshire Police have begun 'carrying out initial enquiries' after numerous people reported cases of sexual assault and abuse using the #SpeakingOut hashtag.

BBC news reporter Jonathan Savage revealed the news on Twitter after a whole host of wrestlers - ranging from WWE employees to independent talents - were accused of various acts on social media by multiple members of the wrestling community.

Savage tweeted:

'BREAKING: West Yorkshire Police have confirmed to the BBC that they are "carrying out initial enquiries" after members of the UK pro wrestling community alleged a number of cases of abuse, using the hashtag #SpeakingOut'

WWE stars Jordan Devlin, Matt Riddle, Travis Banks, El Ligero, Joe Coffey and Jack Gallagher (released earlier today) have all been accused of various forms of abuse or sexual assault on Twitter - with Devlin, Riddle and Ligero all officially denying the claims.

It's clear that Vince McMahon's company won't hesitate to suspend any star who is arrested or release a performer who is found guilty of domestic abuse, sexual assault or child abuse, with the company stating as much in a recent statement.


We'll bring you further updates on the situation as we find out more.

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